Saturday, January 25, 2014

PHOTOS: David Beckham Bares His Glorious Goodies Once Again

One thing we will never object to is photos of David Beckham in his underwear…like, ever.
We were treated to another round of the awesomeness that is David’s bod when images from his latest campaign with H&M were released.
What’s the occasion you ask? it is a teaser for what’s to come for his second Super Bowl commercial. The first took place in 2012 during the pre-Beyonce Super Bowl era, and this time around, H&M announced, the commercial will be “a high-octane ride with tantalizing views of Beckham in never-before-seen positions.”
In a press release on the semi-nekkid Beckham matter, H&M wrote: “Director Nicolas Winding Refn and David Beckham filmed two alternate versions of the action-packed 30-second spot, and fans will have the chance to determine which one the world will see on Super Bowl Sunday.”
Oh. We would prefer to see it all on Super Bowl Sunday, but we know the kiddies will be watching. Take a look at some snaps from Beckham’s H&M shoot below.

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