Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Mom Gives Birth To Biggest Baby Ever Born In California (VIDEO)

Little (or big) Andrew Jacob Cervantez is already breaking records and he’s not even a week old. The baby boy, born to Vanessa Cervantez last Thursday, is said to be the biggest baby born in the state of California, weighing in at 15 pounds. Cervantez, who previously gave birth to 10 pound and nine pound babies, was certain her latest would be heavy, but wasn’t expecting this.
“I couldn’t even believe it,” Ms. Cervantez told the Victorville Daily Press. “They had to double-check because I didn’t believe them; I thought the machine was broken.”
Baby Andrew was born via an emergency Cesarean section because doctors discovered decreased fetal movement.
“He’s having trouble breathing on his own,” Ms. Cervantez told the Daily Press, “that’s what they’re monitoring him for right now.”
Fortunately, mom and baby are both doing fine. Most 6-month-olds are nearly as big as Andrew

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