Thursday, November 28, 2013

Joan Rivers Uses Every Swear & Epithet To Defend Alec Baldwin!

Well, that's one way to slur your words.
We reported earlier how Alec Baldwinhad come under fire, and then actually gotten fired, for his use of homophobic slurs, but now he's receiving support from an unlikely source!
Joan Rivers came to Alec's defense, but we don't think she helped his case much, seeing how she practically used EVERY SWEAR AND RACIAL EPITHET EVER:
"Everybody just relax. Everybody's either a wop, a n*gger, a k*ke, a ch*nk, a fairy, a mick. Everybody's something, so why don't we all just calm down...Be thankful that we're all living in America, and stop everybody getting so damn uptight. And this goes to the Indians, both dot and feather."
Wow. What? We can't even. We just can't right now.
We get that she was using these words to make a point, but that doesn't disarm them of their meaning.
SRSLY! The whole reason people were upset with Alec was that even though he said those words out of anger, those epithets hurt no matter what context they're said in.

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