Tuesday, November 26, 2013

LeAnn Rimes Will Do Anything To Get Custody Of Brandi Glanville'sChildren?

leann rimes will do anything to get custody of brandi glanvilles children
Leann Rimes wants a baby of her own with Eddie Cibrian, but that isn't all that she wants!
She apparently wants full custody of Brandi Glanville's boys!
According to the new edition of Star Magazine, LeAnn has apparently created fake Twitter accounts to try and prove to the world how Brandi is a totally unfit mother!
What may hurt LeAnn's attempts is that her hubby isn't on board with what she's trying to do!
He believes his Real Housewives ex wife is a wonderful parent and LeAnn needs to check herself quickly!

Could these strange maneuverings be one of the reasons we're hearing divorce bells in the air?
It could be!
Kind of weird to want full custody of your husband's kids if he's against it, no?
We'd say yes!!!
Besides, we have a feeling that it's more likely they just want to have a stable custody situation between both sides that works for the children. Doesn't that sound more like it??
[Image via WENN.]

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